Maintenance is law

SANS 0400, which is a legal standard states: “Any owner of any building who fails to maintain any provisions made to satisfy the requirements of sub regulation (T) 1(1)(e) shall be guilty of an offense“. (T) 1(1) (e) states “adequate means of access and equipment for detecting, fighting and extinguishing such fire is provided.”.

  • Fire Detection Systems SANS 10139 12.2.3 -Services should not exceed six months

  • Gaseous Extinguishing Systems SANS 14520 Annexure F – The electrical component shall be services every three months and mechanical components (pipe work etc) every six months.

  • CO2 Gas flooding systems SANS 306 9.1.1 – At least every six months the mechanical components of the system shall be throughly inspected and tested.

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems SANS 0287 10.2.3 – Quarterly, six monthly and annual inspections and services are required.

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